LMF Amsterdam

Last Mile Fresh

By ordering smartly, we can make our city cleaner and more livable.

Amsterdam, according to many the most beautiful city in the country, has become one of the busiest cities in the world and the expectation is that growth will continue for a while. The impact of this on a city built centuries ago is huge. Last Mile Fresh is an initiative to contribute to making our beautiful city more livable.

We have developed a platform on which you, as an Amsterdam hotel and catering company, can order for free from your own supplier (s) and suppliers can receive orders from all their customers free of charge. We bundle the orders and deliver them, with electric cars or special cargo bikes, at one time..

We are an initiative, created by a number of large companies that have joined forces to fight delivery kilometers and clog up the cities. And we started close to home; in Amsterdam!

Why Last Mile Fresh?

1. Benefits for hospitality entrepreneurs.!.

  • One free ordering environment, with your trusted supplier(s)
  • Less often, and also only electric, trucks or cargo bikes at the door. That brightens up your sustainable image
  • Your staff spends less time ordering and unloading

2. But also the supplier(s) benefit(s).

  • No longer in the busy city, but delivering orders to a hub just outside of Amsterdam
  • Fewer kilometers for the same number of orders
  • Free order environments where you can add assortment and receive and process orders

3. A cleaner city and literally every Amsterdammer benefits from it!

About Last Mile Fresh

There is one central point to order; the platform. And there is one central collection point for the goods; a hub just outside the Amsterdam city ring. The orders, from all suppliers who participate in our initiative, are bundled and then delivered with electric trucks or special cargo bikes to the hospitality industry in Amsterdam..

No thousands of unnecessary kilometers through the city. And that is desperately needed, because the transport pressure in Amsterdam must be drastically reduced. Amsterdam is built on wooden posts and during construction no account has been taken of the amount of traffic currently passing through our city. Taking into account the growth of tourism, which means that more supplies are needed, it is time for major changes. If this does not happen, the consequences cannot be foreseen.

The emission of exhaust gases is also a major problem. For this reason, the municipality of Amsterdam has announced that non-electric vehicles will be denied access to the city step by step in the coming years. With our electric vehicles we are therefore not only sustainable, but also future-proof.